ANDREA_2015 (100 x 100 cm) Mixed media on board

2019 – PLASTIC, LAST PLASTIC – 7th /8th /9th June, MONTAGNARTE, Simposio di Arte e Tema Tema [Art and Theme Symposium], Cutigliano (PT).

2019 – ATTRAVERSAMENTI [Crossings] – 5 th May 2 nd June – Solo exhibition of paintings at CONTEMPORANEO HOUSE [Contemporary House], Piazza Garibaldi, Senigallia.

2018 – FACCIA A FACCIA [Face to Face] – 29th August – pictorial performance and art exhibition inside the station of Topolò, Friuli Venezia Giulia.

2017 – ALBERO [Tree] – 21st July, MONUMENTO SCULTOREO [SCULPTURAL MONUMENT] dedicated to the Verdicchio of Matelica, Matelica (AN).

2017 – CORPI DISEGUALI [Unequal Bodies] – 2nd/4th June, MONTAGNARTE, Simposio di Arte e Tema [Art and Theme Symposium], Cutigliano (PT).

2017 – OGGETTI [Objects] – 20 th May 10 th september – Solea Hotel, Trecastelli (AN).

2016 – ARTISTRADA/FACCIA A FACCIA [Artistreet/Face to Face] – 14 th /17 th July, street artist’ Festival, Culmurano.

2016 – BIBLIA PAUPERUM – 19 th March, exhibition of sacred art at Chiesa San Nicolò, Jesi

2015 – ALICE – 27th, 28th December, exhibition at ATELIER OF NATURAL CUISINE in Serra de’ Conti.   

2015 – UOVO [EGG] – 22th August, participatory performance and exposure within the NOTTENERA FESTIVAL [Dark Night] in Serra de’ Conti.

2014 – FACCIA A FACCIA [Face to Face] – 29th August – pictorial performance and art exhibition in collaboration with “NOTTENERA” [Dark night] Festival in Serra de’ Conti.

2014 – INCONTRI [Meetings]– from 10th July to 10 th September – Solo exhibition in RvB Arts, Roma,

2014 – FACCIA A FACCIA [Face to Face] – from 10th Febrary to 6th July – shared artistic project and art exhibition in SANTONI PALACE in JESI.

2014 – CLOUDS – pictorial performance at Economics Faculty (Villarey) University of Studies of Ancona – and collective exhibition of paintings at Rettorato Palace (Ancona).

2013 – 14th September on 9th October – Solo exhibition of paintings at Mole Vanvitelliana of Ancona, in collaboration with “CINEMATICA” Festival.

2013 – 14th September – Solo exhibition of paintings and performanceat “Chiosco di Palazzo della Signoria” in Jesi, in collaboration with “DANZIAMOCI SU” [Let’s dance] Festival of contemporary dance.

2013 – from 4th July to 31th July – Summer Collection, collective exhibition of paintings at “RvB Arts” Gallery, Roma,

2013 –  from 4th June to 9th June – “MONTAGNARTE”, a modern art symposium with the project: “RITRATTO DI UNA VALLATA” [A valley’s portrait”], Cutigliano (PT)

2012 – from 10th May to 20th July– Solo exhibition of paintings: “HOMO SAPIENS”, at “Frascione” Art GalleryFirenze.

2011 – from 30th November to 15th December– Solo exhibition of paintings: at “Interior Antiguo Hospital San Josè”, Santiago del Chile. Supported by Centro Cultural Baldomero e dell’Unidad de Patrimonio Cultural de la Salud.

2010-2011 – dal 10th December to 15th Genuary from 10th December 15th Genuary – Solo exhibition of paintings: “ANCONA, CITTA’ TRA TERRA E MARE” [Ancona, a city between the earth and the sea], Palazzo degli Anziani di Ancona, in collaboration with the city of Anconacurated by Valerio Dehò.

2010 – september – segnalation at Premio CELESTE [Celeste PRIZE].

2010 – from 14th to 30th March – “Solo exhibition of paintingsAndropocèo”, at “Portfolio” Gallery (Senigallia), curated by Gianluca Marziani.

2010 – from 6th to 14th Febrary– presentation of the painting realised for the “PREMIO TERNA 02” [Terna prize 02] in Jesi, in collaboration with city of Jesi and Pinacoteca Civica, at the “Arts and Printing Museum”.

2009 – Finalist to PREMIO TERNA 02, Megawatt category (piece of art in the catalog).

2009 – from 19th to 30th September– Solo exhibition of paintings: “Occhio dorato, scura pazienza” [Golden eye, dark patience], at PALAZZINA AZZURRA in San Benedetto del Tronto, curated by Valerio Dehò, supported by city of San Benedetto del Tronto.

2009 – from 4 th July to 12th July – Collective exhibition of paintings: “Il Mito: da Andy Wharol a Mario Schifano alla Digtal Art” [The Mith: from Andy Wharol to Mario Schifano to Digital art] at la PALAZZINA AZZURRA di San Benedetto del Tronto, supported by city of San Benedetto del Tronto e dalla Galleria Arte Sgarro – Lonigo (VI)

2009 – from 27th June to 19th July – Solo exhibition of paintings: Anér andro(po)s 0.2, at Exhibition Art Gallery, Fano, curated by Gian Ruggero Manzoni.

2009 – from 23th May to 12th June – Solo exhibition of paintings: Anér andro(po)s 0.1, at Augusto Piccioni’s “Idioma” Art Gallery – Ascoli Piceno, curated by Marta Massaioli.

2009 – from 18th to 16th april – Collective exhibition of paintings: “JESINUDACRUDA” [Jesi nacked truth], at Convegni Palace in Jesi supported by City of Jesi, curated by Marta Massaioli.

2008 –  6th november to 13th december– Solo exhibition of paintings“JESI, LA CITTÀ MOLTEPLICE” [Jesi. A multiple city] at the Convegni Palace in Jesi supported by city of Jesi.

2006 –  29th april to 12th July – Collective exhibition of paintings at the “Quarta triennale d’arte sacra contemporanea” [Fourth triennial of contemporary sacred art] at the Seminario Arcivescovile (Lecce) [at the Archdiocesan Seminary – Lecce].

2005 – from 10th to 12th September – Collective exhibition of paintings at the “Palagio di parte Guelfa” in Florence, organised by the Faculty of Literature and Philosophy of the University of Studies of Florence.

2005 – from 21st March to 17th April – “Piccole visioni” [Small visions] exhibition of paintings at the “Artemisia” Gallery in Falconara.

2004 – from 17th to 21st August – “Immacolata J4” [Immaculate J4] collective artistic event for the town of JesiInstallation at the “Major hall” of Palazzo della Signoria in Jesi.

2002 – from 20th December to 15th January – “EVENTI” [Events] exhibition of paintings at the Cultural Centre “Eventi” in Jesi.

1998 – from 21st February to 8th March – Exhibition of drawings and musical event at the Woobly bookshop in Jesi, in collaboration with the musician Fabio Roccagli.

1997 – from 8th to 27th March – “Giovani arti visive. Tracce” [Young visual arts. Traces] Regional Exhibition, Installation, Mole Vanvitelliana in Ancona, organised by “Fahrenheit 451”, ARCI, and the City of Ancona.

1996 – from 28th July to 11th August, “Derive ed altre immagini” [Drifts and other images] collective exhibition of paintings and sculptures, Mole Vanvitelliana in Ancona, organised by “Fahrenheit 451”, ARCI, and the City of Ancona.

1996 – from 11th to 21st May – “MIAO” [Miaow], Solo exhibition of paintings, in collaboration with Lorenzo Barchetta, Stefania Ricci and Chiara Mancia, authors and interpreters of the poems created for the exhibition.

1995 – from 15th to 25th April – Installation in Villa Borgognoni, part of the project Vill’Arte, supported by the City of Jesi and by the Musical School G. B. Pergolesi.

1993 – from 1st to 9th October – “Quaderni disegnati” [Notebooks drawings], exhibition of “brogliacci disegnati” [drawn waste-books] at the Bonton shop by Cinzia Latini (Jesi).

1993 – from 27th March to 14th April – “Grafica!” [Graphics!], Solo exhibition of paintings at the Ghislieri Palace in Jesi.

1993 – from 10th February to 4th March – Solo exhibition of paintings and sculptures at the former Saint Nicolò church in Jesi.

1992 – from 15th to 25th November – Solo exhibition of paintings at the Circolo Cittadino in Jesi.