“Face to Face”

“Faccia a Faccia” (“Face to Face”) is an artistic project that focuses its reflection upon the relationship between individual and society.

Through the collection of live, watercolour portraits, artist Andrea Silicati recreates a community, in which each individual is a unique and irreplaceable part.

FAF can exist only through the interaction between the artist and those who decide to be portraited, who will thus become a fundamental and interactive element of the project.

After many years of live, face to face portraits, now the meeting between artist and active costumer can also be happening online.

Mostra 999 Ritratti di Andrea Silicati
faccia a faccia andrea silicati


FACCIA A FACCIA (“Face to Face”) begins in 2013 during the “Montagnare”, an artistic symposium where Silicati begins to collect the faces of Cutigliano’s inhabitants. The project turns out to have a great potential, mostly because it gives people a true contact with art, and they become a constitutive part of it.

A year later, Faccia a Faccia takes a lot of steps further in Jesi, Silicati’s hometown, where the artist realizes 999 portraits, which were exposed after few months in an exhibition people would visit to see its own representation.

From now on, the projects takes off, and it was presented during festivals (Nottenera, Serra de Conti (AN), 2014, Stazione di Topolò, Topolò (UD), 2019), street artists’ events (Artistrada, Colmurano (MC), 2016) and gallery events (Galleria Portfolio, Senigallia (AN) 2015-2017, RVBArtS, Roma, 2015).


There are two ways to participate in “Faccia a Faccia”: live or online.In both cases, to be part of the project one has to get in touch with Andrea Silicati and ask in which way the portrait could be done.

If the portrait is to be done live, with the artist’s physical presence, certain conditions of the environment “Faccia a Faccia” will encounter should be verified.

If one choses the online option, Silicati will realize the watercolour portrait during a live online meeting. The portraits will become a part of the “painted community”, which will be take form on social media, with a constant update.


It’s totally free to be part of the “painted community”. If the portraited person wants to buy his or her own portrait, the cost will be of 25 euros + shipping costs.

M 2020- 25x25 cm - acquarelleo su cartoncino | Andrea Silicati Pittore
A 2020- 25x25 cm - acquarello su cartoncino | Andrea Silicati Pittore